When parents think of sports for their families, they typically think of baseball, soccer, and hockey. However, almost everyone owns a bike….and yet it is one of the last things parents think of: bike riding as a sport.​ KW Cycling starts the kids at 5 years old... on strider bikes - Parking lot Skills.

For those that do not know or never considered cycling as a sport, getting involved for the first time can be a little overwhelming. The KW Cycling Academy will try to walk you through the process and answer the question: “What do I do now?” Typically, getting involved starts with whatever bike you have now. For the winter sessions, a select few bikes are available for riders to try.

What are the first steps?

Connect with us. We will let you know the coming programs for the week and work with you to assess the skill level of your youth. We will ask about your child’s interests perhaps between mountain biking, road riding, or track cycling. To get started, any bike will do. Much beyond a bike, a good helmet is required. No need to spend money on a new bike, until the time and interest warrants it. We will assist in selecting a new bike when and if the time comes. We want to make sure your youth enjoys their activities. Cycling is an endurance sport, and we want to make sure your youth both the ability and interest. Riding bikes has to be fun.

Take your time:  Between parking lots skills & drills sessions and intro mountain bike rides, we have a summer program for your child. We have organized rides 6 days a week... Pick and choose the programs that fits your families schedule. Our Team Calendar has all up coming Programs!

Above all, ask as many questions as you can. 519 897-1447 for up to date information. Instagram is also an excellent source of information!

Holiday Cycling Madness at FCV


The video below shows Rob Good, our head coach, putting riders through a track racing session at the Forest City Velodrome in London, ON. All the riders shown are between the ages of 8-14, and it shows what you can expect from your youth as they progress in the sport. All sports offer a level of competition, and the video below shows one discipline of cycling: Track Cycling.

KW Cycling Academy - Coaches

Rob Good - Head Coach KWCA Cycling Academy

As a life long resident of Waterloo and member of the Waterloo Cyclng Club, Coach Rob is a certified Cycling Coach with Cycling Canada & Ontario Cycling Association with over 20 years of Cycling experience.

Brian Pedersen - KW Cycling Academy MTB Coach

Brian have been involved in cycling in many capacities since the early 70’s, pre-dating the mountain bikes that we now enjoy. He have gained many skills and much experience that he hopes to share with new riders.

Sid Slotegraaf - MTB Coach

Sid has a cycling background in downhill racing and dirt jumping. Sid raced for several years nationally and on the world cup circuit. Sid has had a renewed interest in XC racing and road cycling since returning to Ontario.

Roxy Slotegraaf - MTB Coach

Roxy was introduced to mountain biking while living in Whistler, BC and raced enduro all around British Columbia for several years. She is looking to make a difference with the youth of the Academy.

Coach Amy Maher - Flamboro Training Group - MTB * Road * Track

Coach Amy is a certified Cycling Coach with Cycling Canada & Ontario Cycling Association with over 25 years of cycling experience, and 4 years experience coaching youth cycling. Amy spent years studying Exercise and Nutrition

KW Cycling Academy - Track * Road * MTB * Blogger

As a MTB, Track & Road Blogger, my job is to bring the world of High Performance Cycling to the member families of KW Cycling Academy.If you like competition, you will like the information that is posted by us.