January 1, 2023

Group riding, by definition, is a collective experience requiring a certain degree of harmony and cooperation between the participating cyclists. In many ways it’s like a group dance where the better everyone understands the various steps the safer and more fun the whole ride experience is. In this case the steps are not difficult but what’s essential is that everyone is doing the same dance at the same time. And that’s what this article is about. We at KW Cycling Academy (KWCA) would like to define how we ride so everyone is on the same page. To view our Risk Management Plan, click here.

First some prerequisites:

1. As per OC rules all participants must be a KWCA club member or a declared guest of an OC/UCI affiliated club.

2. You need a road bike in good working order.

3. Be self-sufficient. Do not rely on others for flat repairs, water, food etc. Bring a charged cell phone, ID, emergency information and the proper clothing for the day.

4. You need to have a certain minimal level of fitness. Members should be able to ride for 1.5 hrs at 25km/hr.

5. You need to have a basic understanding of group riding skills. If you don’t we offer beginner group riding skill sessions in the early season.

6. You need to be familiar with and willing to abide by our ride guidelines, be courteous and respectful of other cyclists and road users.

7. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent and have the appropriate minimum level of ability a per #4 above

8. If the Ride Leader determines that a rider is not prepared for a ride, as per above, the ride leader has the discretion to refuse to allow participation in that day's ride.

Ride cancellations will no longer be posted on the day of the ride. Please be aware that club rides will be cancelled as a club insured & sanctioned ride due to weather if:

1. It is raining at the start of the ride.

2. There is a forecast of 70% POP or more of rain or lightening or extremely high

3. Winds (50kph+) on the day of the ride.

Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t ride, it just means that we don’t recommend you ride and that Ride Leaders will not be attending in that capacity. You’re welcome to ride in any sort of weather but for safety reasons we can’t authorize it.

Remember we try our best to keep you safe and that we are only as good as the forecasts.