KWCA Programs - Training Peaks

December 11, 2020

KW Cycling Academy has used Training Peaks to deliver daily training for MTB, Road & Track athletes for many years. It is very important to train regularly no matter what cycling discipline you enjoy.

Being consistent with your training will produce dividends in the months to come. What you do today, will become evedent with your fitness, speed and overall health. Many of our KWCA families are taking advantage of daily training, it's included in your KWCA membership.

To get involved with daily training with Training Peaks: send an email: You will receive a link to get involved.

It is suggested your family invest in a (regular or smart) cycling trainer. All bike shops sell quality trainers that will service your requirements. Kids should be old enough to understand the benefits of good cycling fitness for the coming season.

We know that if you are consistent over the winter, a 90 minute ride in the spring will feel EZ!!!

Good luck with your training.... Giddy up!!

To get involved with Daily Training with Training Peaks.... Contact: