January 2, 2023

Being prepared is one of the most important aspects of track cycling. Your routine should be perfected as well as your pedal stroke. Plan ahead be prepared and consistantly follow your plan for race day and you will have one less thing to focus on when you are on the track.

Get into a regular routine for all Track events

Arrive at track 60+ minutes prior to your event schedule start time.
Team riders meeting 45 minutes prior to the event start.
Trainer/Roller, Road & Track bike for warm-up.
Food/Snacks – enough food & drinks for the entire day plus 2 hours...
Eat & drink constantly during the day... if you are racing 2 days in a row, eat more!!!If you are hungry or thirsty – consume something!!

Wear "earbuds or head phones" so no-one bothers you during final Race Preparations!! warm up should end 10 minutes before your event.

20 minute warm-up routine:

5 minute EZ spin building to 70%

5 minutes building to 80%
4 minutes building to 90%
1 minute – Full sprint 100%

2 minute recovery (EZ spinning)
3x 10 second sprints w/ 50 seconds recovery.

Towel dry: eat/drink – final mental preparation 10 minutes before your race....
Between races, relax, stay off your phone, spin every 30 minutes waiting for your next event. Shorten warm up to get ready for future events during the day... stay loose!!

What to bring to the track:

Gloves – never race with out gloves!!!
Extra team cycling kits.
Spare wheels, if you have them.
Spare - Tubes & Tires. Pump if you have one.... Team usually brings our compressor. If you require Disc wheels please let the coaching staff know in advance.

Parents: relax and enjoy the racing... CHEER for everyone!!!!