KWCA Nutrition Corner

December 14, 2022

Nutrition Corner:  Fuelling for heavy training blocks and preparing for a race!

U of Waterloo “Lead” Tom Hoshizaki, has offered an EZ to follow guide to Hydration & Fuelling 4 days before a Competition (Stop the Cramping)!

Reminders - going into a race weekend!

Hydration comes way before race day. Make sure to always sip water.

A big thing would be glycogen stores. So you’re deplete them the last big training session before a race, especially if it’s above threshold efforts where a lot of carbohydrate is used as fuel. this will be the window where a balanced diet of complete carbohydrates (oatmeal, whole grains) will make sure the muscles have energy stored and ready on race day. Pasta dinner the night before, maybe some oatmeal the morning of. Don’t overeat though, that might make you feel too full and not want to ride at a high intensity.

If cramping is an issue, an isotonic beverage like a mix can help, Gatorade is a good one or most of the varieties if parents are worried about sugar intake.

For kids that choose to use Gels or any other sport food, make sure to try it during a training session before a race. This will make sure their digestive system will agree with it and will metabolize it.

Break down and take homes!

3 days before event - Eat normal and balanced 3-4 meals a day, snacks as needed on bike and off. Last really really hard session!

2 days before event - Eat normal and balanced 3-4 meals a day, snacks as needed on bike and off. Make sure to be drinking water off the bike. medium session.

1 day before event - Activation day, Make sure not to over eat, but a nice Carbohydrate meal (Pasta, Rice, something with carbohydrate). Try not to be too heavy (Greasy foods), this is the carbohydrate timing that is key.

Event - Race day, depending on start time.

Breakfast of choice: Oatmeal/Fruit, Toast and peanut butter. Banana would be good. Make sure you are not feeling “Full” after the last meal should be At least 3 hours before race time, this allows you to digest the food. If hungry before race time a small snack like half-banana, granola bar can help.