September 26, 2020


In implementing COVID-19 safety measures/protocols, KW Cycling Academy will follow the latest Return to Sport and Progressive Return to Cycling Guidelines of the Ontario Cycling Association (found at All members should familiarize themselves with these items prior to participating in any club activity.

1. Ride smooth and steady all the time. No sudden or abrupt movements or overreactions to potholes etc.

2. Don’t be that person who surges when it’s their turn to pull or leaves gaps in the rotation and finally never ever overlap.

3. When following a wheel be just slightly offset ie 3-4” so that if there is a sudden stop you don’t immediately slam into the wheel ahead. The offset gives you an additional few feet to recover.

4. When you are at the front of the group on a short descents pedal to keep the pace up. Remember there are riders drafting behind you who will have to brake if you don’t keep the pace up.

5. To keep a group together on rolling terrain use a ‘Social Paceline’ and then as a group, climb slightly easier but descend harder. The group speed will be more consistent and the group will more likely remain intact.

6. When picking your group be realistic. It’s better to be comfortable in your group then maxed out all the time.

7. Group rides are not races. We are there to support each other by taking turns in the wind. Only in Hot Spots is it ok to try to drop your friends.

8. When you see someone committing a ride foul politely say something. We are all responsible for the quality of our rides.

9. If you get a flat give a loud shout out right away or there is a good chance the pack will ride away without even noticing you. If the group knows they will stop and help you fix it quickly.

10. Do not yell obscenities to motorists or get into arguments with the police. It’s never productive and will lead to more bad blood and possible retribution. We ask that cyclists not engage in any kind of confrontation with drivers or police officers. This includes hand gestures involving the center digit. We are working hard to improve the reputation of the KWCA and all cyclists in general. If words have to be exchanged let the Group Ride Leader do the talking. (Feel free to video the exchange if you feel the individual is dangerous.) It’s important to understand that when you ride with the club and when you wear our club jersey you become an Ambassador for both the club and all cyclists in general. Let’s not do anything to fuel the flames of discontent. Nothing meaningful gets resolved on the road.
Keep Safe, have fun and thanks for riding with KW Cycling Academy