Most riders getting into cycling by riding on the road; however, like anything new, certain skills are required. Road cycling is one of the easier cycling disciplines to get into, we use parting lot skills sessions to show riders to ride fast while staying in control. The parking lot sessions challenge riders to test the limits of their bike and will form the base to build on for the rest of the summer.  They beginner sessions are targeted for youth 8 - 14 years old. Older and more skilled riders use the parking lot as a starting point for their on road sessions. Skills sessions typically are on Monday evenings.


In May/June when the riders have learned the skills require to ride on the open rode, riders meet at Sir John A MacDonald HS on Erbsville road Friday evening rides using the Bamberg loop to take skills training on the road. We encourage parents who can ride to ride with the youth.


​Starting in early spring, Intro to MTN Biking happens at two locations: Puslinch Trails & Briehtupe Park.  These sessions are Ideal for the beginner riders. Session are typically on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We work on bike handling skills, session trail features to gain experience, and practice gaining confidence and speed.


Starting in May when racing begins at Kelso, our MTB coach joins riders on Tuesday nights. Kelso is a grass roots series supporting races from 5-99. The youngest riders race the kids race, and more experienced riders race the beginner, novice, and sport categories working their way up to compete in the top level, export. Thursday night training moves to the HydroCut where riders work on skills on harder trails. 

The most experienced riders tackle Ontario Cup MTB races and EPIC 8 Hour races.


No matter which cycling discipline, you are training to improve and get faster. Motorpacing will help take you to the next level.  Rob Good offers Motorpacing to anyone who trains regularly.  Most athletes use motorpacing to get the quick speed in their legs. 

We offer motorpacing on an appointment basis on most days of the week from April - October. It is a great tool for Triathletes, Road, Track cyclists as well as mountain bikers.

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